Cs 1.6 Cfg, Cfg 1.6, Counter Strike 1.6 Cfg, Cs Cfg Editor

Generate your Cs 1.6 Cfg file with this online editor. Option 1 means active, option 0 means passive.


Mouse sensitivity sensitivity
Smooth the mouse movement m_filter 0 1
Dynamic crosshair cl_dynamiccrosshair 1 0 1
Crosshair color cl_crosshair_color
Crosshair Size cl_crosshair_size
Make crosshair translucent cl_crosshair_translucent 1 0 1

Player Screen

Graphical menus setinfo _vgui_menus 0 0 1
Radar type cl_radartype 1 0 1
Weapons at the righthand cl_righthand 0 1
Maximum frame per seconds fps_max 85
Centered player info`s hud_centerid 1 0 1
Switch weapons immidently hud_fastswitch 1 0 1

Connection Settings

Allow client to download from server cl_allowdownload 1 0 1
Backup data cl_cmdbackup 2
Client command rate to server cl_cmdrate 90
Allow downloading files from server cl_download_ingame 1 0 1
Network timeout cl_timeout 90
Update rate from server cl_updaterate 90
Maximum bytes from server rate

Visual Settings

Weapon bob cl_bob 0.01
Weapon bob period cl_bobcycle 0.8
Weapon bob up period cl_bobup 0.5
Only Leet and Gign models cl_minmodels 0 1
Sprey logo color cl_logocolor
Sprey logo file cl_logofile
HLTV models for Spec cl_lw 1 0 1
Show player shadows cl_shadows 0 1
Weather effects cl_weather 1 0 1
Fast sprite effects fastsprites 0 0 1
Network graph net_graph
Graphic possion net_graphpos
Graph height graphheight

Player info`s

Nick name
Admin Password setinfo _pw

Other Settings

Automaticly pick powerful weapon _cl_autowepswitch 1 0 1
Game volume level volume 0.8
MP3 volume level MP3Volume
Visual smoothing cl_vsmoothing


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